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Lotto 6/49 Game Named Another Winner


Canadian citizen Dennis Hines and his family have won Lotto 6/49 and an impressive 1,800,000 Canadian dollar prize. The prize will be shared among family members.

Lotto 6/49 Super Prize

One fine morning, Dennis bought his usual game ticket on the South Railroad Avenue in Marvane. Dennis and his children adore Lotto 6/49, so the head of the family never misses a single draw in Lotto 6/49. The purchase was successful. The ticket was a winning one, Dennis felt that it was impossible to stop. As a result, the man added only $ 1 and bought the Extra lucky ticket.

In the first minutes, Dennis Hines could not believe the incredible luck for a long time. After all, the prize fund turned out to be just huge. Today, the family partly knows how to spend the money. Dennis will pay for the purchased truck, the winners will also donate part of the money to charities.

Other Victories

On the eve of the Lotto 6/49 lottery, another player in Montreal was pleased with a significant win. Olivia Delos Reyes from Montreal won C $ 10.9 million. The winner went to her victory for a long time, each time playing a combination of the same numbers.

The second popular lottery in Canada, Lotto Max, has also proven to be generous to its players. Jansen Ng of East Gwillimbury is a former military man who hit the $ 65 million jackpot this summer. And the spouse’s Mark Noelville and Dorothy Anne Mailer, also made a difference in their lives after they became lottery winners and won 70 million Canadian dollars. This prize will help the family ensure a comfortable future for their three children and seven grandchildren.

Posted by Joshua Mau
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