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London Regains its Status as the European Capital of Casinos

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Gambling has been of interest to the general public for centuries, especially in recent decades, when general wealth has increased and a gambler does not have to risk his last money to try his luck. Somewhere the gambling industry is illegal or strictly regulated, but the same London, for example, has made land-based casinos its “chip”, thus attracting even more tourists.

Coronavirus restrictions led to the fact that British citizens last year lost the right to gather in large companies in public places, and foreigners could not visit the UK at all without a good reason and quarantine at home. Against this background, gamblers from all over the world flocked online, but staring at the screen of a smartphone or even a laptop is not at all the same as skipping a couple of drinks in a posh society and touching real cards.

Prompt vaccination of the population gave the British new hope – in the spring of this year, the phased cancellation of restrictions introduced earlier began. News about “terrible new strains of the virus” will haunt the minds for a long time, but the fact remains: on May 17, London institutions again opened their doors to visitors. Other rules are also being relaxed, allowing foreign visitors not to perceive a trip to Britain as a sheepskin, not worth the candle.

It cannot be argued that all establishments have survived the restrictions, but there are at least two hot spots where you must definitely get until some next infection falls on your heads. One of them is the famous Hippodrome: in addition to the Game, you can eat and drink, watch sports broadcasts or attend a live concert. Pay attention to the Grosvenor Casino, which has enjoyed the love of the general public for many years.

Posted by Ashley Robinson
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