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How Popular are Crypto Games?

Crypto Games

As a reminder, the GlüNeuRStV gambling contract was signed with the help of the German government. It was successfully ratified. However, the players themselves are not entirely happy with the new rules and conditions. This factor was confirmed by a special survey. Now the new agreement could cost the German authorities lost tax deductions.

The first cryptocurrency appeared about 10 years ago, since then it has gained great popularity in different countries of the world. But conversations about cryptocurrency have been around since the 1980s, IT specialists have written quite a few works about it. But cryptocurrency took off a few years ago. It is still gaining momentum, it can be called a global phenomenon. In 2021, almost everyone knows what digital money is.

However, despite its great popularity, cryptocurrency remains a real novelty for some people. For example, now no one pays with a housewife in a crypt, does not pay for products in tokens. This also applies to online casinos. Therefore, a very reasonable question arises, when was the last time you played at a crypto casino?

According to a survey conducted, crypto casinos are something new and unknown for many players. Although not everything is as difficult as you think. To make a deposit using cryptocurrency, you just need to register on the site and specify the necessary information in the settings. Of the total number of respondents, only 28% had previously played in a crypto casino. This is an insignificant number. At the same time, most of the players prefer to play in the casino through their smartphones and tablets. If this trend continues, then crypto gambling has a bright future.

Crypto Casinos are Becoming More Popular

Experts are concerned about the question of why gamblers still choose a regular casino where traditional funds are accepted. However, some prefer crypto casinos. According to the survey, about 40 percent of cryptocurrency players use cryptocurrency to keep transactions anonymous. If the casino operates legally, then it requires players to properly identify, based on local legislation. At the same time, no system can reveal whether you deposited a gambling establishment or not. This is a great advantage for players who do not want banking institutions to know what the funds were spent on. In this regard, many people want the game to be played with complete confidentiality.

Many people simply believe in cryptocurrency. More than 30 percent of those surveyed are convinced that digital money is the future. And this is not surprising because the crypt is growing from year to year. This means that you can withdraw much more than you can deposit, even if you cannot win anything at the casino. Also, players are sure that there are more different and interesting games in crypto casinos, many of them use the functions of “instant deposit” and “quick withdrawal of funds.” As practice shows, many users are confident that cryptocurrency is better than traditional currency.

During the survey, the question was asked, which cryptocurrency is most often used for making a deposit? The answer was obvious – Bitcoin. But this currency has its drawbacks – high volatility and low transaction speed. Today, this cryptocurrency remains the most valuable currency in the casino. The second place was taken by Ethereum, this cryptocurrency is used by only 13 percent of players.

Why do Some Players Still Choose Traditional Currencies?

Even though digital currencies are very popular in society, the majority of users choose pounds and euros to play in casinos. Many players know what bitcoin is, but they don’t know where to buy it and what to do with it. Moreover, they do not know how bitcoin works. The survey showed that about 70 percent know little about cryptocurrency. Also, 30 percent of respondents believe that traditional currencies are more suitable for gambling.

Although cryptocurrency deposits have a large number of advantages, many people choose traditional money to play in casinos. Despite the many alternatives, players prefer to use conventional means to place their sports bets. However, experts believe that the number of crypto casinos will increase soon, as it has a huge number of advantages.

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