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GambleAware is a Renowned Indigenous Supplier


The Responsible Gambling Authority has signed an agreement with the NSW Aboriginal Safe Gambling Service. It is known that the amount of the contract was $ 1.3 million. Specifically, this treaty will support indigenous peoples across the state. This means that local communities will have the opportunity to contact support if gambling has caused damage. In the process of work, cultural nuances will be taken into account.

Natalie Wright, head of the Office for Responsible Gaming, said a modern service called GambleAware for Aboriginal people is considered part of the GambleAware reform. This is done to strengthen ties between providers and Aboriginal people.

In an interview, Natalie Wright emphasized that safe gambling for the Aboriginal people of New South Wales has already proven its worth. We have twenty years of experience in providing such services. That being said, there is a specific casino awareness program. Everything is done for the safety and reliability of the region.

According to Wright, the GambleAware system operates in ten regions, it is there that support and treatment of gambling take place. This job is consistent with the state’s medical districts. At the same time, each region has its provider of games from GambleAware. Thus, the provision of services in the area is carried out. All activities are coordinated with NSW Aboriginal Safe Gambling to support those who need help.

The NSW Aboriginal Safe Gambling Service will now coordinate with GambleAware providers. In particular, the following work will be organized:

  • Supplier capabilities will be assessed.
  • Improved interactions with GambleAware providers and the natives of the region. Support will be provided in several areas.
  • Creation of a unified plan of interaction with suppliers and aborigines.
  • Strategic partnerships between GambleAware vendors and other vendors.

Safe Gambling Specialist for NSW Aborigines Ashley Gordon said representatives are now looking forward to working with GambleAware providers in the region. In this way, specialists will be able to develop responses to the needs of the people in the area.

Employees will work closely with GambleAware’s vendors, Gordon said. This will teach the natives about safe gambling. In addition, plans will also be implemented to expand strategic partnerships between GambleAware vendors and other vendors. Support measures for Aboriginal people will also be expanded, but this will not involve counselling. It is about yarn circles and a healing band.

It is known that NSW Aboriginal Safe Gambling will extend all contracts with the Warruwi trademark until the end of this year. But the parties to the deal must first switch to GambleAware. And early next year, GambleAware, a nationwide Aboriginal affairs service, will begin operations.

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