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FansUnite Officially Enters the UK Gambling Market

UK Gambling Market

More precisely, not herself, but her subsidiaries represented by Askott Entertainment Inc. and E.G.G. Limited. Both firms were recently officially licensed by the UK government regulator as technology and software providers. The products released by this developer can be both B2B and B2C – that is, both casino or bookmaker operators and gamblers can become customers.

FansUnite management commented on the news with predictable enthusiasm, saying that the company is very pleased to have a legal presence in one of the largest gambling markets in the world. It is hardly worth reminding that Great Britain (in particular, London) is one of the world centers of gambling tourism – that is, the British themselves and numerous tourists use the services of the local casinos. Accordingly, FansUnite gets an excellent opportunity to significantly expand its business and partner with well-recognized brands.

For a company founded relatively recently, in 2018, this is a great success. Based in Canada, it previously did not have much access to the largest European markets, but now it will receive a powerful impetus for development, especially since online gambling has received unprecedented development amid the pandemic and endless lockdowns. On the back of positive news, some growth in the value of FansUnite shares was noted. The total capitalization of the company is now estimated at $ 178 million.

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