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DraftKings Incorporated Merges in Gaming Ecstasy with Genius Sports Group Limited

Draft Kings

The well-known online sports betting company DraftKings Incorporated has created a profitable and correct alliance with the British company Genius Sports Group Limited. In this deal, the online betting operator gains access to content, a wealth of information, and user experience solutions from a UK provider.

In an official press release from the Boston firm, it was said that the signed merger agreement is also the official international acceptance of the sports ecosystem and all its data and includes products associated with the most popular national program in the States, the NFL football league.

New Features for Players and Fans

Anyone who bets on sports with DraftKings Incorporated can rejoice at the new opportunities gained after signing the above contract. Thus, all clients get access to online broadcasts and other data and news belonging to Genius Sports Group Limited. The company currently covers over 170,000 sports and other events.

DraftKings has also been the official partner of the NFL since April this year, accepting bets on league matches. The company assures that the new partnership will be a great experience for players betting on a variety of sports events.

Ezra Kukharz, Chief Commercial Officer of DraftKings Incorporated, also said that the signed contract provides an opportunity to expand the company’s field of activity and enter markets such as Major League Baseball, National Basketball Association, NHL, and many famous football competitions.

Mark Locke, CEO of London-based Genius Sports Group Limited, is also delighted to be partnering with the American company, as they now have the opportunity to take a leadership position in the UK sports betting operators with access to the NFL.

Both companies are pleased with the cooperation and are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, setting new goals for themselves and fulfilling an incredible number of tasks that will help make the sports betting market even better than it is now.

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