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Casino Card Tables are a Thing of the Past – They are Being Replaced by Slot Machines

Slot Machines

The consequences of a pandemic are sometimes found in the most unexpected ways. So, recently, many casinos refuse to work with full-fledged card tables and instead want to install more slot machines. The reason is simple: over the long months of downtime, companies have suffered losses, and now they want to cut costs. A gambling table is a dealer who needs to be paid a salary, which is more expensive than maintaining a slot machine.

In Dunedin, for example, one of the local casinos decided to re-register their operator in order not to obey the rule, according to which the institution is obliged to keep at least one table open from 12.00 to 18.00. The High St Casino explained its desire by the fact that now there is no cruise ship in Dunedin, whose passengers previously provided a sufficient influx of guests. In other words, the card table is idle at the specified time and brings only losses.

However, some institutions believe that such innovations will only be harmful. For example, the New Zealand Ministry of Health has already named slot machines as the most harmful gambling option for gamblers and urged them not to abandon classic casino table games, leaving visitors with a choice of how to spend their time. The same point of view is held in The Problem Gambling Foundation – they believe that the abandonment of board games will lead to an accelerated spread of gambling addiction with all the consequences.

The Gambling Commission is so far meeting gambling platforms halfway by weakening the terms of their licenses. Now she does not have the legal right to refuse them to satisfy the demands put forward.

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