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Canadian Gamblers Go Online en Masse

canadian gamblers

Online casinos and bookmakers have become insanely popular where gambling is illegal and land-based points cannot be opened. In Canada, where traditionally only live streams are played, the field of online gambling has also been gaining popularity lately. The main reason is, of course, the coronavirus: restrictions due to the pandemic have affected public places, including casinos. Unable to host visitors, administrations began to pay more attention to the online segment, and the users themselves do the same.

At the same time, the coronavirus indirectly helps to increase the growth of interest in gambling. People no longer go to casinos, but they have more free time to spend somewhere. Someone began to watch even more hockey or other sports matches and is trying to squeeze profit from their understanding of the situation. Some people find it easier to spin virtual slots to overcome boredom.

Why won’t players return to real establishments?

It is impossible to say so with absolute certainty, but there is a risk of “no return.” There are several reasons for this:

  • games with a live dealer give the player an excellent sense of realism, and a beautiful presenter may look less trite than a usual dealer in an institution in his native countryside;
  • international sites sometimes offer much larger winnings than the nearest online casino – especially slots with progressive jackpots;
  • the habit makes people spend their time the way they used to, especially since many “real” gambling establishments may simply not be able to withstand the ongoing pandemic and completely close down.

The Canadian gambling industry will never be the same again. It will definitely not disappear, but its transition to digital worlds will now inevitably accelerate.

Posted by William Hughes
Senior Reporter

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