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Extremely simple rules allow even a beginner to grasp the essence of the gameplay without any problems
The slot offers ten winning lines at once
Bet limits are set in such a way that both thrifty players and risky high rollers see their interest in spinning the reels
The potential size of the win is high enough
The relatively high variance


Shining Crown Slot

The insane popularity of casinos (then still conventional, not online) began about a hundred years ago. The success of gambling at that time became possible because the first slots did not require any special knowledge or skills from the player. On the contrary, coloured fruits were actively used as symbols, recognizable by any person, even those who cannot read and write. As a result, slot machines have gained immense popularity, being almost the only entertainment available to the poorly educated part of the population, and at the same time allowing these people to spontaneously enrich themselves.

Today the situation looks fundamentally different – in most countries of the world, it is strange for an adult to be illiterate, and the average level of well-being has increased significantly. However, people still dream of large spontaneous benefits, and luck in the subconscious is associated with us, first of all, with bright, colourful fruits. Realizing that there was demand, EGT decided to put forward its own offering by designing the Shining Crown Slot in the typical fruit classic aesthetic.

Pros and Cons

The insane popularity of the fruit theme along the way provides this type of slot machine with a decrease in overall popularity. How is this possible? It’s very simple – many developers release approximately the same type of slots, and even in the arsenal of EGT, several slot machines are very similar to this one. The player can be disappointed – he hopes to find something new, but in the end, he ends up on almost the same thing that he has already played before.

How not be disappointed in the “new” slot, having already spent time and money on it? There is only one way – you should trust the opinion of other users who have already rated a particular slot machine and left their own opinion about it. It is worth going in search of opinions of real people on thematic forums, but there is an easier solution – we have already found all the comments about Shining Crown Slot. Judging by what the public writes, the merits of this entertainment are as follows:

  • extremely simple rules allow even a beginner to grasp the essence of the gameplay without any problems and start enjoying it almost immediately;
  • the slot offers ten winning lines at once – this means that the probability of winning after each spin is not so small;
  • bet limits are set in such a way that both thrifty players and risky high rollers see their interest in spinning the reels;
  • the potential size of the win is high enough to not only make plans for it but dream about it.

There are no slots in the world that it would be impossible to find fault with – so claims of varying degrees of severity are periodically put forward to Shining Crown Slot. One of the most popular is the exploitation of the fruit theme, which is perceived by some players as touching, while others are already annoying. Some users also do not like the relatively high variance – they are not ready to wait for a win for a long time, even if it later takes the form of a full-fledged jackpot; instead, they would gladly take what was owed in small portions.

Theme and Graphics

Ever heard the phrase “one-armed bandit”? This was the name of the very first slot machines – the ones that we talked about at the beginning of this article; so, Shining Crown Slot belongs to this category. Its symbols are quite typical for a classic slot – there are several varieties of fruits, as well as bells and constant sevens. The only difference from other slots of similar content is the wild symbol, here made in the form of a crown; in honour of her, this slot machine is named. Since the red colour goes well with gold, the developers made the background red.

Shining Crown Slot Machine

There can be no consensus about how successful such a design choice is. On the one hand, this is a classic, tested by several generations and many decades – it will probably never become outdated. On the other hand, there will always be supporters of change who are no longer happy with the old and are ready to take the risk of trying something new.

To create the maximum “classic” impression, the developers decided not to add full-fledged music to the game. Today you won’t surprise anyone with it, but the first slots did not play music – their only working sound was the rattle of the lever, coupled with the rustling of rotating drums. Inside the Shining Crown Slot, of course, there are no physical details, but EGT saw fit to imitate the sounds of their operation because it is more tube-like and warmer.

Shining Crown Slot RTP

The rules of almost any modern online casino endlessly emphasize that gambling is not a way to make money but just a pleasant pastime. Knowing this very well, players still deep down hope to win big – or at least believe that a relatively modest bankroll will last for a long time. Whether it will be so or not depends on the percentage of returns for a particular slot. It should be noted that Shining Crown Slot has quite high indicators – almost 96.4%.

This means that the provider and the casino together take 3.6% of the bankroll. Please note that this is an average indicator – that is, some of the players will even manage to beat the institution, but there will inevitably be those who will lose even more money. Nevertheless, RTP looks rather optimistic in this case.

How to Win Shining Crown Slot?

The entire Shining Crown Slot is woven from contradictions – most of its characteristics can be perceived as advantages and disadvantages. This fully applies to the extreme simplicity of the gameplay – there are no bonus symbols here, so it is easy to understand whether you won or not. The main task of the player is to collect several identical symbols located in a line, provided by the rules as a winning one.

Shining Crown Game

The fact that a small win can be additionally risked by making, by analogy with roulette, a bet on red or black looks uncommon. If you guess correctly, the winnings will double, but a mistake means that all gains are lost.

Special Features of Shining Crown Slot

The unpretentious gameplay of Shining Crown Slot assumes the absence of special features, but the developer simply could not do without them. To begin with, it is worth talking about the meaning of the wild symbol in the form of that very sparkling crown – it tends to turn into any other symbol, if only it helps to collect a winning combination. The only thing the crown cannot do is turn into scatters.

By the way, there are two scatters in this game instead of one. One of them is the dollar; it also acts as a multiplier for the bet amount, however, such symbols do not have to be assembled in a row – it is enough for them to be present on the playing field in an amount of three or more, in any geometry option. The more dollars dropped out, the more your bet will increase!

Another scatter is the star symbol, but it is impossible to collect four or five of them. The win is counted on the condition that there are three stars on the field.

Shining Crown Slot Free Spins and Bonuses

For some reason, there are no free spins in Shining Crown Slot, but the situation with jackpots looks quite interesting. Here they are called mysterious – for the reason that the jackpot hit by itself does not say anything about the size of the future payout.

The fact is that there are four mysterious jackpots at once – one for each card suit. The difference in the amount between them can be tens of times. If the player is lucky enough to hit the jackpot, he will additionally take part in the bonus game. Its essence is as follows: there are twelve cards equally distributed among all suits; the user’s task is to open three cards of the same suit. If you succeed, this is a good reason to celebrate because luck means giving out half of the jackpot extra.

Each jackpot is progressive, so you should not chase the jackpot of a particular suit.

Overall Review

Shining Crown Slot is perceived in a completely different way among gambling enthusiasts – there are both loyal fans and strict critics of this entertainment. To be objective, we would say that both are right in their way – this is just another game of taste and colour. At the same time, the indisputable fact is that the good old classics have once again been played in a light style and with nice graphics, which means that the slot machine initially had high chances of ultimate success.

What is the RTP of Shining Crown Slot?

Shining Crown Slot has a payout percentage of 96.35%. This is not a record figure, but the gaming machine in question is not far behind the best slots and is significantly ahead of many competitors in terms of the return rate. Playing this kind of entertainment, you are unlikely to come across the idea that you are wasting money – at least you can count on partial refinancing during the game.

What is the biggest win available on Shining Crown Slot?

The jackpot in this game is the amount of your bet multiplied by 5 thousand. To hit the jackpot, you need to collect a payment consisting of five sevens.

How volatile is Shining Crown Slot?

The volatility of the Shining Crown Slot is rather high. Those who love to tickle their nerves will be delighted – instead of frequent and modest winnings, they decided to interest the client with rare but well-aimed payments. However, this approach forces you to think over the strategy in advance because neither ten nor twenty spins, most likely, will bring significant benefits. Therefore, the player should conserve his bankroll with a focus on ensuring that there is enough for a significant number of spins.

Is there a free spins bonus in Shining Crown Slot?

Developers from EGT do not consider it necessary to pamper customers with free spins. Instead, there are numerous opportunities for how to win more – which are only worth four parallel jackpots.

Posted by Joshua Mau
Gaming Mathematician

An excellent knowledge of number theory and random number generators led our author to the main advisory board of the largest slot machine providers. In this series of articles, you can find a lot of information about the structure and mechanics of casino games.

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