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Progressive Slots


Slots are generally the most popular casino game mainly because it offers an easy and convenient opportunity for huge wins and jackpots with the littlest demand for technical know-how or strategies, requiring only as low as a nickel be a winner. This fun-filled package comes in different slots, including free slots, real money slots, vegas slots and progressive slots, each with its perks and attraction. Progressive slots online is a standout opposite of the classic slot one-off bet, owing to its progressive accumulation of the jackpot amount until it is won. It is highly notorious amongst other kinds of slots for compensating its lower chances of winning games, when compared to classic slots, with the biggest payouts and jackpots, hence, otherwise known as Progressive Jackpot slots.

What Are Progressive Slots?

Online progressive slot is a slot system based on a network of online slots, connected whereby a percentage of the bets from multiple players on the respective slots are contributed towards a progressive jackpot. In another situation, progressive online slots may be based on a single slot online whereby a percentage of the successive bets of a single player on the slot is accumulated and contributed to the progressive jackpot.

Here are a few points to note about Progressive Slots:

  • The odds of winning games are significantly lower than that of classic slots
  • They offer a lower Return to Player percentage (RTP) than traditional slots.
  • Unlike regular slots, the payout is not fixed depending on different factors such as the number of players, number of spins, etc.
  • The more the players on the progressive slot network, the lower the odds of winning the progressive jackpot
  • But the more the players on the progressive slot network, the higher the jackpot value.
  • The higher the wager, the bigger the win.
  • The higher the number of paylines wagered upon, the better the chances of winning.
  • It has no payout limit; the jackpot keeps getting bigger with every spin until it is won.
  • The jackpot value resets every time it is won by a player on the progressive slots network or the single player on the online slot, as the case may be.
  • It is not scheduled; any spin can grant you a win.

How Do Progressive Slots Work?

Progressive slot games basically function by taking a certain portion of each player’s bet on the game and accumulating them as a progressive jackpot. Generally, on free progressive slots, there is a preprogrammed base value of the jackpot set by the online casino to which the portions from the players’ bets, otherwise called “Meter”, are added and accumulated upon at the same time. Thus, the progressive slots’ strategy is not different from the roulette strategy.

Without any doubt, progressive slots online free offer the biggest jackpots in the online casino business. However, the secret to this lies in the fact that many progressive slots jackpots are linked across multiple online casinos, which invariably results in an enormous pool of players contributing to the progressive jackpot. Thus, for instance, if Microgaming’s Mega Moolah slots progressive jackpot is being played across all British casino, it is sure that there are thousands of players contributing to a huge jackpot. Immediately one player amongst the lot wins the progressive jackpot, the slots progressive reset to the set value, which can be as high as 1million pounds, especially for the best progressive slots on the net.

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It is important to note that the proportion or percentage of the players bet used to feed the jackpot is used in two parts. One part of the proportion is used to refund the base value of the jackpot; that way, the casino ensures that they are still able to offer a jackpot even after it resets. The other part of the proportion is used to increase the jackpot amount.

Types of Progressive Slot

Although the slot system may be similar in that the progressive jackpot is not a fixed amount but rather increases as it is fed by a proportion of each bet, online slots progressive jackpots are offered in three forms which are explained as follows:

Stand Alone Progressive Slots

This is the first type of progressive jackpot slots to be originally introduced into the online casino market. As the name depicts, it stands alone unlinked to any other slot online. Its unique feature is that the progressive jackpot is fed by only one single online slot. In other words, the jackpot is increased by a proportion of a single player’s bets at each spin on the slot. As a result, the payout or jackpot on Stand Alone progressive slots is lower than other types of progressive slots. Typically, the jackpot on Stand Alone progressive slots roams under 10,000pounds.

Local Progressive Slots

By virtue of its nature, this type of progressive slots is also called In-House or Proprietary progressive slots. The next development of progressive slots was introduced to the market after Stand Alone progressive slots. Its peculiar nature involves a network of online slots connected and operated together within the same casino or group of casinos. This is common, for example, when a single gaming company owns a couple of casinos. Given the medium range of the pool of players engaged on the slots, the chances of winning are somewhat better compared to other types of progressive slots.

Wide Area Progressive Slots

This is the most prominent type of progressive slots in the modern online casino market. As its name depicts, it is a wide network of slots online connected across multiple unrelated casinos across the global network, and all feeding one single jackpot. In other words, there is an enormous pool of players, as much as ten thousand, all contributing to one single pot of gold upon each spin. As a result, Wide Area progressive slots offer an unmatched humongous jackpot sum. Typically, Wide Area progressive jackpots range from as low as 1million pounds to as high as over 10million pounds – a life-changing jackpot, so to say. One of the biggest wide area progressive slots in the online casino market is Megabucks.

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Strategies To Winning On Progressive Slots

Any online gambler who is conversant with the functioning of progressive slots knows that the odds of winning progressive slots are not as high as that of regular slots given the large pool of players competing for the star prize. Therefore, it is important that any interested player make a dedicated effort to learn how to play progressive slots. However, if you are not just playing for the fun of it but rather harbor the desire of being that one lucky winner of the progressive jackpot, it is expedient to learn progressive slots strategy. Popular amongst online casinos is the roulette strategy, but for this article, here are a few progressive slot strategies to winning that you may want to consider.

Play with the Maximum Wager

For some progressive slots, this is beyond a strategy and rather a requirement to be eligible to win a jackpot. On the other hand, many other progressive slots offer different cadres of the jackpot for different levels of stakes. Nevertheless, the higher the wager, the higher the jackpot. This strategy is even more encouraged by the way high-stakes progressive slots are wired. You receive tickets on every high stake spin you make, and all you need to win is for one of your tickets to match the winning algorithm.

Play Random Spins

There are progressive slots that allow a winning on any random spin, even winning just after the jackpot has been won and the base value has been reset. In other words, on this kind of progressive slots, you do not need to play any special bonus game or collect certain symbols to win, though you may need to stake the maximum wager possible to qualify to play the games.

Get the Winning Combination

Before delving into the slot game, understand all the available symbols and know their worth and the consequences of each possible combination. Then, hit the combination of symbols required to win the jackpot.

Play the Bonus Game

This is usually offered on many online progressive slots, and it only requires you to play a special bonus round to win the jackpot. The bonus game can be of any type, including spins, cards, etc.

Know the Best Playing Time

Progressive jackpot slots run on Random Number Generators, as a result of which some progressive slots may not drop the winning combination, leaving the jackpot unclaimed for weeks. On the other hand, some progressive slots are programmed to drop the jackpot upon a deadline, as a result of which more wagers are made as the deadline gets nearer. Thus, it is important to know this before delving into the games.


Progressive slot is one unique type of slot that has built a complementary relationship between its strengths and weaknesses at the same time over the years while still satisfying the needs of online players. Admittedly, your chances of winning are not as high depending on the pool of players competing for the prize. But at the same time, the end justifies the means, and the progressive jackpot justifies the competition. All you need do is equip yourself with the above strategies for a fighting chance with the lot.

How do progressive slots work?

Progressive slots work by taking a certain proportion of each player’s bet across the progressive slots network and feeding them to a pre-set jackpot value incrementally to make a progressive jackpot.

How often do progressive slots hit?

This cannot be said with any certainty. A progressive slot jackpot may remain unclaimed for weeks or months, and for some progressive slots, there is a deadline within which it must hit.

What are the odds of hitting a progressive slot machine?

The odds of hitting a progressive slot machine are determined by several factors, such as the number of players playing the game. If 1000 players are playing the slot game simultaneously, your odds of hitting are 1/1000. Progressive slot machine is notorious for having lesser odds of hitting than regular slot machines.

Can you predict when a slot machine will hit?

It is difficult to predict when a slot machine will hit because it is run by a Random Number Generator which determines the random outcome of each spin.

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