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Roulette Strategy


Ranking as one of the most popular table games you will find in offline and online casinos, roulette has seen loads of calculations and strategies developed. This has been motivated by the need to increase the chances of winning, and at the same time, get the very best odds. This guide focuses on the online roulette strategies that have come up.

Brief Roulette Information

Roulette has long been one of the most played games at online casinos, and the primary reason is that it is a very easy game to play. This is one of the games that both new and experienced players can play with only a few basics needed. Most of its bets are so straightforward, and many will be surprised to know that this is a game purely based on chance and luck.

Difference Between American and European Roulette

The most popular roulette variants will be American and European roulette. The major difference comes from the numbers on each version. European roulette offers 37 numbers. This will be the number 0 and others from 1-36. However, with American roulette, players will have 38 numbers where besides those offered in the European roulette, there will be a double zero (00) added. With the addition of double zero, the house edge is taken to 5.26% as opposed to the European roulette that has its house edge at 2.3%. It simply means the RTP of European roulette is 97.3% from the house edges, while the RTP of American roulette is at 94.74%.

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Roulette Rules and Tables

A roulette game will involve a wheel that revolves, a ball that will be spun on the spinning wheel, and a table that will consist of the numbers 0, 1-36, and other sections named:

  • 1st 12
  • 2nd 12
  • 3rd 12
  • 1-18
  • 19-36
  • Even
  • Odd
  • Red
  • Black

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Remember, American roulette will include the double zero (00) section. The main idea in this game is predicting the number the ball lands after a spin is taken on the wheel. Different bets can be taken, and as is the norm, some bets will be high-paying than the rest.

European roulette will have two different rules applied to the game. This is how they work:

  • En Prison – This will apply to even-money bets, and the idea is that when the ball lands on the zero number, you will have two options. The first option is to take back half of your bet with the rest taken by the casino, and the second option will be to have the bet held in ‘prison’, allowing you to take another spin. However, if the ball still ends on zero on the next bet, the bet will be lost completely.
  • La Partage – This rule closely resembles the En Prison rule since it applies on even-money bets and will be activated when the ball lands on the zero pockets. However, as opposed to the first rule, a player will have half of the bet refunded with no further option. This halves the house edge from 2.7% to 1.35%.

Types of Bets

Generally, roulette bets are grouped into Inside Bets and Outside Bets. Simply put, inside bets will be the ones placed on the inner section of the table, while the outside bets will be those bets placed on the outside section of the table. A point to note is that outside bets will have high chances of winning, but the value of the payouts will be low, while the inside bets will have low chances of winning with the value of the payouts being high.

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Inside Bets

Among the most popular inside bets include:

  • Straight – Betting on a specific number. Pays out 35 to 1
  • Split – Betting on one of two numbers lying between each other. Pays out 17 to 1
  • Street – Betting on any number on a row of three. Pays out 11 to 1
  • Corner/Square – Betting one of four numbers lying between each other. Pays out to 8 to 1
  • Five-number – Eligible on American roulette. Involves betting on the ball to land on either of these numbers: 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3. Pays out 6 to 1
  • Six-line – Betting on one of six numbers in neighbouring rows. Pays out 6 to 1

Outside Bets

Among the most popular outside bets include:

  • Red/Black – Ball lands on black/red sections. Pays out 1 to 1
  • Even/Odd – Ball lands on an even/odd number. Pays out 1 to 1
  • Low/High – Ball lands on 1-18 or 19-39 sections. Pays out 1 to 1
  • Dozen – Ball lands on either section: 1st 12, 2nd 12, or 3rd 12. Pays out 2 to 1
  • Column – Ball lands on either column. Pays out 2 to 1

Roulette Strategies

Simple Roulette Strategy (John Wayne)

The strategy comes from actor John Wayne who loved roulette. It’s a simple strategy that involves placing 10 or more inside bets at a time. This will start by choosing two numbers from the middle column, such as 15 and 29, and placing a £1 bet on each. Moreover, place a bet of £1 on each corner of the numbers chosen leading to the coverage of 18 numbers.  Payouts are expected to be higher since the focus is not on outside bets.

Martingale Betting Strategy

This is a popular online casino roulette strategy you will find tailored for newbies. The idea behind the strategy is to double up your bet after you record a loss on the first bet. It is the easiest strategy to understand, and the reason behind doubling up your bet is that you will recoup your losses when the bet hits. This calls for a player to have a huge budget.

A quick illustration is as follows:

Bet Next Bet
£1 £2
£2 £4
£4 £8
£8 £16
£16 £32
£32 £64

Grand Martingale Betting Strategy

This is yet another popular and basic roulette strategy. It is an improved version of betting strategy Martingale, and with this, the idea is to double your losing bet and add an extra amount to your losing bet on the next bet. This aims to achieve twice the amount of money lost with an added payout on top.

A quick illustration of a player adding £5 is as follows:

Bet Next Bet
£1 £2
£2 + £5 £4
£4 + £5 £8
£8 + £5 £16
£16 + £5 £32
£32 + £5 £64

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

This is a roulette strategy based on even-money bets placed on the outside sections (red/black, odd/even, 1-18, 19-36). This strategy is based on reducing your stake by a unit any time you record a win and increasing the stake when you record a loss.

This is the safest roulette strategy for players with a small bankroll since it provides high chances of making a profit and not hitting the dreaded table limits.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

This is among the safest roulette strategies and is based on Fibonacci numbers, where the next number is from the summation of the prior two. The sequence will be as follows:


The roulette strategy will be applicable on even-money bets and allows you to start anywhere, but it’s advisable to start on the lowest number. The sequence will explain how much you can bet while progressing over the sequence until a win is triggered. You stand a chance for a profit if the first bet wins and break even if the second or third bet wins. There, losses will be recorded and can get bigger as you progress. The catch is that if bet 55 wins, you will go back two numbers and bet on that number which is 21 in our case and repeat the process until you are back to the start of the sequence.

Constant Bet Strategy

This is an easy roulette strategy that involves a player placing the same bet constantly despite a win or loss. The trick here is finding the best bet and the size of bet that gives you a chance to win the desired payout.

Labouchere System

This passes as a complicated casino roulette strategy. It resembles Martingale roulette strategy, but the previous losses are not looked to be recovered on a single win but multiple wins. It is another roulette strategy that works on even bets, and you are required to have a sequence that you settle on. Your sequence can be 1 – 1 – 2 – 2 – 3 – 3 – 4 or any other. Determine the amount of bet and when playing, take the summation of the leftmost and rightmost number to show the amount to bet. In our sequence, the bet will be £5.

Once the first bet wins, you will cross those winning numbers, and your sequence will be as follows 1 – 2 – 2 – 3 – 3. Repeat the process until your numbers are crossed. Set up another sequence and repeat. When you lose the bet, do not cross the numbers. Instead, add the number you had bet on the right of your sequence and begin the process.

Andrucci System

Yet another roulette strategy that involves high risk ultimately accruing high rewards. You will be recording winning numbers from the 30th to the 37th spin and make a bet on the most recurrent number that wins the most. Wager this number from the 10th spin to the 37th spin and continue with the same process.

Paroli System

This is a roulette strategy to win big from a not too high stake. It is the most effective roulette strategy for players who decide to make outside bets. It will involve having a starting bet, and when it wins, you will leave the wins and bet for the next try, and when you lose, you will place the same bet to gain your first progression. Always advisable to have the number of progressions you want before cashing out your winnings and beginning the process.

Which Roulette System is the Best

Every system will serve players differently and thus, there is no specific ‘best’ roulette system. Go through all the systems we have reviewed, and you can decide the system that fits you from the size of your bankroll and the size you are willing to risk.


Despite all the strategies formed, no system guarantees 100% wins for players. Remember, all online roulette games are controlled via RNG, and it is practically impossible to manipulate them. However, chances of winning can be improved with these strategies.

What is the best strategy to win at roulette?

All strategies are tailored for specific players, and as a consequence, there remains no particular most successful roulette strategy. Find one that suits you better.

What is the best bet in roulette?

The best bet will be European roulette that offers a low house edge of 2.7% and can be further minimized to 1.35% via En Prison and La Partage rules.

Can you consistently win at roulette?

The roulette game is based on luck, and wins are not expected to be consistent since the game operates on RNG.

Is it mathematically possible to beat roulette?

It remains mathematically impossible to beat roulette. However, with the best roulette strategy, one can improve the chances of winning.

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