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Refer a Friend Bonus


Any online casino’s main objective is to increase its popularity and visitations. Simultaneously, aside from attracting players, online casinos want to retain players. To achieve this, various incentives are offered in casino bonuses. One of these bonuses includes referring a friend bonus offered to existing players that successfully refer their friend to join the casino. This usually is a win-win type of bonus since both the new player (referred friend) and the existing player (referrer) get bonuses.

Refer a Friend Bonus

How Do the Bonuses Work?

The refer a friend casino bonus works pretty simple. They are also known as referral bonuses, depending on the operator. It is important to note that this is a bonus specially tailored for existing players who have played on the platform in the past. A new player is not eligible for a friend bonus until they have made deposits and played on the forum for a while.

The bonus is triggered if a referrer can successfully convince a friend to join the casino. An operator, in most cases, will offer a personalised link to the existing player. This will be an identification link so that when a new player joins via the link, the casino will know where to credit the bonus. A successful referral will not only entail creating an account on the online casino. Many operators require that the referred friend proceeds to make a qualifying deposit (depending on the casino’s cap limits) and sometimes play to trigger the refer a friend casino bonus.

Refer a Friend Bonus vs VIP Program

While all these bonuses are available for existing players, there is a distinguishing line between them. They are:

  • A friend bonus is available to all existing players, but a VIP Program will need a special invitation in most cases.
  • The refer a friend bonus is lowly valued compared to the benefits offered on VIP Program.
  • The refer a friend has no levels/tiers that a player hits for a particular benefit than a VIP Program.
  • The VIP Program leans more to the high-rollers

How to Claim a Referral Bonus?

The first significant step is to ensure that your casino offers a referral bonus. A list of the top casinos, such as Yebo Casino, offers bonuses in our guide. Here is a quick step-to-step process of how to claim the refer a friend casino bonus:

  1. Log into your casino account;
  2. Go to the ‘promotions’ section on your account;
  3. Select ‘refer a friend bonus to generate a personalised referral link;
  4. To create the link, you will be prompted to enter your friend’s details such as their name and email address;
  5. The casino will automatically send the referral to your friend;
  6. If the referred friend uses the link to join the casino, makes a deposit, and plays, the refer a friend bonus will be triggered.


  • Some casinos will require the referrer to send the link by themselves, which negates the 4th and 5th steps above.
  • Some casinos will set the maximum number of referrals a referrer can make.
  • The referred friend will be eligible for a welcome bonus if they meet all the terms and conditions set out by the operator.

What Can You Get as a Reward?

The referral bonuses one is likely to claim once a successful referral is made will vary depending on the casinos. However, what’s constant is that the bonuses will either be:

  • Free Spins – These will be offered purely for the slot games available in the casino. However, check if the free spins bonus is restricted to play on selected slots.
  • Cash bonus – This comes in two forms. A referrer will either get a fixed-cash bonus or get an amount depending on the referred friend deposits.

However, most casinos offer a fixed-cash amount in most cases ranging from £30-£50 for every successful referral. Players who claim the refer a friend casino bonus are advised to check the terms and conditions.

Why Should One Use the Referral Bonus?

Refer a friend bonus is possibly one of the easiest ways to gain a casino bonus without any ‘monetary’ input. With most of the bonuses requiring a deposit, a referrer will not be required to make any sort of deposit. Instead, only a personalised referral link will be required.

What’s more, these bonuses introduce the social aspect in the casinos with players sharing their online gambling passion with friends. The friends can try out the different games, including table games, video poker, live casino, and slot titles that come in various relatable themes to keep them engaged. Moreover, the friends will have an avenue of accruing real money winnings from the casino.

Things to Check About Bonus

The most important section to check is the terms and conditions attached to the bonus. Here are the aspects to keep an eye on while claiming the refer a friend bonus:

  • Maximum referrals – Many casinos will restrict the number of friends one can invite. In most cases, it is up to five (5) friends.
  • Wagering requirements – The bonus will have wagering requirements placed that the referrers will be required to meet before any winnings are withdrawn. Game contributions will also play with slots contributing 100% in most casinos.
  • Bonus validity – The refer a friend casino bonus will have a validity period. When it expires, the bonus and winnings will be void.


Refer-a-friend bonuses are being appreciated more and more, and with the casinos using them to retain existing players, they are also attracting more players. While most operators do not offer high-value refer-a-friend bonuses, they still stand out with no deposit required from the referrers. Moreover, after meeting all the wagering requirements, players can cash out the real money winnings.

How many friends can I refer?

The maximum number of friends you can refer will depend on the casino. A majority of them place the limit at five (5). However, some have a limit as high as 10 or 20.

When will my bonus be credited?

Again, this will depend on the terms and conditions set out on the operator. Some casinos will instantly credit the bonus after the deposit is made, while others will credit the bonus once the referred friend deposits and plays.

Will I get the bonus on all casinos?

Refer a friend bonus, just like other bonuses, are specialised offers, and they might differ depending on the casino. However, we have provided a list of the recommended casinos offering the bonus.

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