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Western Canada Lottery Corporation to Sign Long Term Agreement

Western Canada Lottery Corporation

According to the latest information, representatives of Western Canada Lottery Corporation will sign a lucrative agreement with a gambling developer. This means that organizations will launch a series of new sports betting games, including allowing players to bet on one-off lotteries in real-time. Crown agency allows sports and gambling fans to play very high-quality games.

It is known that new developments in this direction will be adapted for the Crown corporation. It is expected that the system can be directly adapted to the central gaming circuit. Note that the supplier is considered a leader in the supply of sports products and services in Canada, Europe, and the United States.

Western Canada Lottery Corporation CEO Tedd Sandercock said the company is very proud of its recent activities in the gambling world. A lot of work has been done with the Crown and Scientific Games teams. Now the agency can offer its clients to place bets online, as well as to place bets on one game if desired.

Sandercock noted that players will receive a completely new product, as the integration of a new feature – sports betting will be carried out. This means that Western Canada Lottery Corporation customers will be able to play Point Spread, Pro-Line, Props, Over / Under, Pools, and Futures. All of this is available in the Sport Select. However, there are some restrictions in the form of the $ 100 Canadian bet.

According to Western Canada Lottery Corporation management, the new ticket creation feature will be available on To use it, it is enough to go to the resource, and then it will be possible to place bets online. You can also create a QR code. Then you will need to give this code to the seller to collect the ticket. The company representatives are pleased to offer a new feature to their players.

International Lottery Systems for Scientific Games Managing Director Christian Kometer said the organization is delighted to have signed a long-term contract with Western Canada Lottery Corporation. This will expand the opportunities for players in Western Canada. According to the director, this is a clear example of a functional solution based on technologies used in the lottery industry.

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