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The Total Number of Online Gambling In Australia Has Doubled

Online Gambling In Australia

The country’s 2nd State Interactive Gambling Survey found that the total number of online gamblers has doubled in just the past ten years.

During the research, more than fifteen thousand residents were interviewed. It turned out that of this number of people, 18 percent of adults played slot machines online. Compared to 2010, the figure was 8 percent.

Nerilee Hing of the CQUniversity Experimental Gambling Research Laboratory, Nerilee Hing, said the rise in online gaming has been driven by high internet speeds, the convenience of betting on phone apps, quality advertising and incentives, and new betting methods such as multi-betting. New online events have also been introduced, including esports, fantasy sports, gambling, and loot boxes.

Nerilee Hing noted that the most famous forms of online gambling in the country are lotteries – 10 percent of people, horse betting – 6 percent of people and sports betting – 6 percent of people.

According to the data, well-educated men are the most frequent online gamers.

State officials are known to be working on implementing a National Consumer Protection System for online betting.

The goal of the National Program is to update the country’s consumer protection measures to ensure safety. This is reflected in local legislation. The system consists of ten human protection measures aimed at reducing harm from online gambling.

Experts have also studied the negative impact of gambling on the families and friends of players. It found that more than nine percent of gamblers experienced harm from their gambling and only six percent from the gambling habits of other gamblers.

Research has shown that online gamers are several times more likely to be harmed than those who play in land-based casinos. It is expected that experts will continue to study this topic to improve the online gambling policy. This will further help create perfect consumer protection measures in the country.

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