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The Popularity of Online Gambling has Grown


The YouGov company conducted its research and found out that online gambling is very popular at the moment. Online gambling does not stand still but develops.

The organization has already published its report on gambling – period – 2021. The data collected included 13 markets, including countries such as Britain, Singapore, Germany, Australia, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Denmark, USA, Sweden, Poland, and Spain. The study also suggested motivating people.

As a result, it turned out that about 63 percent of the respondents wanted to be playing in casinos on the Internet and not in regular establishments. The main motivation is entertainment. Gambling gives unforgettable emotions and brings true pleasure/pleasure. For example, those who regularly play the lottery said they often fantasize about winning. The respondents also noted that they often discuss sports betting and gambling with friends, acquaintances, and relatives.

The International Report said the study looked at the most popular gambling games in 13 countries. Online lottery is very popular in six countries. The other half agreed that sports betting is the most popular gambling game. Games with instant winnings were also at the top.

YouGov noted that young people most often discuss gambling with their friends and family on social media. At the same time, men are more likely to play in casinos when compared with women. But the United Kingdom has more female players than other countries.

It should be noted that a significant part of the respondents agreed that gambling should be legal. However, at the same time, the same part of people did not agree that the rules are very strict for gambling establishments.

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