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Tabcorp Warned of Illegal Activity


A special department issued a warning to the gambling operator Tabcorp. It turned out that the company had accepted about 40 illegal real-time bets on an American high school basketball game. This led to a new investigation into Tabcorp. As a result, these actions confirmed the presence of illegal bets. This investigation was initiated by specialists from the Australian Special Directorate.

As a reminder, real-time betting on sports events is prohibited in Australia, and there is even a special gambling law passed in 2001. It is worth noting that the special department for the first time in its life, took action against the company for violating the law.

Fiona Cameron, a spokeswoman for the game, said in-game betting can pose a threat to anyone involved, especially a tennis event where people are betting on the next ball. The established conditions are valid for a certain period, the company had many chances and time to get acquainted with the current legislation. Tabcorp had to implement a technology that eliminates rates during events.

The company’s management said that they were not able to close the rates on time due to incorrect data from a third-party resource. That is, an error related to technical communications. It is worth noting that the management realized its mistake and paid everyone the assigned money. But this happened after the investigation.

Fiona Cameron added that the company’s actions were inappropriate, bets should be excluded from the process. In this case, neither the company nor the interested parties should receive money from illegal activities in the country.

A special agency warns that companies must have quality technology to eliminate betting during sporting events. Otherwise, management will lawfully investigate and impose sanctions to protect customers. The representative of the department noted that if the organization finds violations of the conditions, then the company will be punished to the fullest extent of the law. 

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