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SkyCity Opens Doors Only For Vaccinated People


The casino operator SkyCity Entertainment will only admit fully vaccinated individuals to their casinos. But this topic is relevant only when institutions reopen.

The company’s casinos in Oakland and Hamilton have been closed due to the current pandemic restrictions, although their smaller Queenstown reopened in the second tier.

CEO Michael Ahern announced at the organization’s annual meeting that the new system will allow the company to open larger casinos and hotels in the region.

According to Michael Ahern, we intend to ensure that all SkyCity establishments in New Zealand operate only for vaccinated people. This new security system will allow the company to continue working. The health and safety of employees are at the forefront of the organization.

This means that establishments can now accept 2,900 people, including employees, contractors, visitors, and customers in New Zealand. This is the vaccine mandate that will be extended.

According to Michael Ahern, the company is currently considered one of the largest entertainment establishments in New Zealand and a significant employer in New Zealand. Therefore, the company must take steps to help keep the work environment safe.

Michael Ahern said the current locks are costing the company about $ 1 million a day in lost profits, and a full-year profit forecast is impossible to calculate.

He also noted that trade during the first half of the fiscal year was significantly affected by the restrictions of the coronavirus, in particular the ongoing isolation in the Auckland region. This means that the profit of the organization for the first half of the year will not be so great, this situation is associated with difficult trade relations and conditions.

She noted that the recently refurbished casino in Adelaide, South Australia was only closed for a short period, but now it works with social distancing, as for the rest of the restrictions, they have been lifted.

Michael said the organization has demanded a payroll subsidy for Oakland employees from mid-September and for Hamilton employees from early October. This guarantees a positive trend in working with clients.

Posted by Sandra Bush
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