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SIGA Partners with Saskatchewan Authorities


Saskatchewan government officials, along with experts from the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Peoples, announced the launch of the iGaming Internet portal. This decision was noted in the Framework Agreement on Games. All documentation is known to be certified by the Saskatchewan government and FSIN. IGaming operations are now fully legalized.

However, the creation of the site is not the last announcement, another announcement has been made. The resource is expected to be controlled by the Saskatchewan Gambling Authority. This will ensure the safety and proper protection of users.

According to this agreement, the profit will be divided from online casinos. That is, SIGA will receive its legal fifty percent, and the rest will go to the government and FSIN.

It became known that the Great Canadian Gaming Corp is inviting a new person to the position of CEO.

What is the Use of This?

An important announcement was made at the Indigenous University of Canada, in particular, the announcement was made by VIPs and in the presence of FSIN Chief Bobby Cameron. He said that this agreement was signed in the province, before that, there were no such agreements. At the same time, Bobby noted that the resource will bring many benefits, including large incomes.

Another statement was made from the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gambling Authority by Jim Reiter. He noted that FSIN has acquired connections in the gaming industry, including operators. This allowed FSIN to select SIGA as the main operator. And the new agreement will be an excellent solution to the problems, it will allow all parties to the agreement to flourish in the future.

If you look closely at the agreement, the agreement is designed for five years. But even after that, the contract will be extended by the parties.

Independent Financial Flows

In his last interview, SIGA Chairman of the Board Reginald Belleroz stated that iGaming has presented an opportunity to open exciting casino games in real-time. There are now a large number of sports betting options for all players. He noted that the income from using the site will be significant. This project will be used for non-commercial purposes.

Belleroz stressed that profits play an important role in creating new jobs, strengthening economic development and prosperity for the region.

Although the bulk of the work has already been done, there are still several variations of the development of events to be considered. And only then the iGaming offer will start working in full force. The system will be allowed to enter at the beginning of next year.

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