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Quebecer Clutches Won a Large Amount of Money In The Lottery


According to the latest information, Lotto Max has found its winner. The winner of the main prize was a citizen of Quebec. He was randomly selected as the lucky jackpot. As a result, the prize amounted to 50 million Canadian dollars. This amount of money changed the life of the winner forever. The man will now have 52 weeks to contact the lottery organization of the province of Loto-Québec to claim his prize money.

As practice shows, the Lotto Max lottery rewards its players with hundreds of millions of Canadian dollars. This means that the game provides great opportunities for winning. The jackpot can be as high as 70 million Canadian dollars. There is even a chance to win a C $ 1 million Maxmillion prize. As for the drawings themselves, they are held twice a week. Tickets can now be bought at regular stores or online.

The Next Lucky One

The last draw determined the next lottery millionaire. It was a citizen of Quebec. Crown employees said the name of the winner is not yet known. Therefore, the agency recommends all ticket holders carefully check their numbers. The winner will be $ 50 million richer in Canada.

Last Friday’s raffle, on the other hand, allowed participants to win two Maxmillion prizes, which means $ 1M each. But these prizes remained unclaimed. The draw will now take place on Tuesday and will feature the top prize of $ 12 million in Canada. The ticket is already on sale.

Canada’s other famous lottery Lotto 6/49 chose a winner last week. BCLC announced that the $ 1 million Canadian grand prizes were won by a British Columbia-based ticket holder. 19675243-05 are the winner numbers. Now the lucky one has exactly 52 weeks to contact the company and collect his prize.

The Lotto 6/49 Saturday’s winnings of $ 5 million in Canada remained unchanged. 05, 06, 07, 18, 25, and 37 are the winning numbers. Now the draw will take place only on Wednesday, the lottery will compete for $ 6 million in Canada. This lottery attracts a lot of attention.

Sandra Pilgrim-Stark of Kanata, Ontario, won a Canadian $ 1 million prize last week. At the same time, Sandra purchased her ticket to the Real Canadian Superstore.

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