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Online Gambling Grows Amid Quarantine Due to Coronavirus ​​

Online Gambling

Long-term blockages due to the coronavirus are a concern, according to the latest information. In particular, online gambling rates are growing in some regions.

Mapu Maia reported that a large number of people are gambling online as land-based establishments are closed due to the pandemic. All this can lead to disastrous consequences. State policy must be changed as soon as possible, otherwise, there will be problems.

As a reminder, Mapu Maia provides services to individuals and families who are immersed in this culture. Also, this organization conducts its research. For example, Mapu Maia learned that the problem with online gambling has been on the rise lately. A spokesman for the organization said the coronavirus is forcing locals in the region to gamble with smartphones to satisfy their gambling habits.

Studies have shown that a lot of men 20-30 years old seek psychological help from an organization. The main problem is smoking. Among other things, men very often gamble online, some even buy lottery tickets and play scratches. At the same time, there is a significant increase in the number of such players in the Pacific region.

What could be the reason? Experts have found that it is boredom, isolation, loneliness, and despair that make people gamble online. All this leads to long-term consequences.

It is clear from the organization’s report that the isolation and blocking of land-based casinos are driving an increase in players who gamble in real-time. Along with this, the costs of gambling are increasing, the harm from these games is simply obvious. This factor negatively affects psychological health, social interaction, family relationships. The percentage of domestic violence is on the rise.

People with low socioeconomic status are frequent gamblers on the Internet. Such players lose the last money of the family, driving their relatives into debt. In this regard, many experts are confident that the government should intervene in this situation.

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