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Innovation Needed

Innovation Needed

An event called SBC Betting on Sports Europe took place at Stamford Bridge. The event was attended by the Gambling Insider company. Participants took turns evaluating Euro 2020 in terms of sports betting.

The event was moderated by: Mark Thomas of Propus Partners, Pinnacle Trade Manager Marco Blum, Fitzdares CEO William Woodhams, ComeOn Group Bookmaker Billy Cook, and Kindred Group Bookmaker Department Manager Anthony Cousins.

As a reminder, England reached the final in the current Euro 2020 draw, so the ideal scenario for the bookmaker would be for England to win or lose. At this event, the question arose, did the sports betting industry extract from the Euro? Is it possible to improve the processes in the industry?

Participants agreed that there isn’t much room for creativity in sports betting. And developing value for ordinary people means offering value for happy players.

According to Billy Cook, there was no sense of innovation in terms of innovation. But he clearly remembers Euro 2016 when there was a £ 1 million prize draw. This jackpot gets people to bet on sports. As a result, it happened, a lot of people tried their luck.

Event moderators and attendees agreed that creativity has room for the industry to flourish. Anthony Cousins ​​noted that the special characteristics of the players were noted, it became possible to analyze the sprints from the point of view of statistics. Of course, all of this has a significant impact on the industry. This trend will be in the next few years.

Cousins ​​added that users want to use not only their experience but also their specialized knowledge.

William Woodhams said the industry needs innovations. He thinks he needs to focus on some of the players who are already popular all over the world.

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