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In New Zealand, Coronavirus Reaches Auckland SkyCity Casino Employee

SkyCity Casino

Since the beginning of 2020, New Zealand has been considered one of the safest countries in the world. The local authorities initially imposed such strict quarantine restrictions that they were able to effectively stop the spread of coronavirus in the early stages, which almost no one else succeeded in. The tightly closed borders have long protected Kiwis from infection from the outside, but lately, it seems more and more that a gap has formed in the country’s dense shield.

One of the SkyCity employees in Auckland is infected with the coronavirus, according to the network itself. It is clarified that the staff representative was at the workplace in the level 3 Platinum Gaming Room at night, from Friday 13 August to Saturday 14 August. The infected worker’s shift lasted from 8:30 pm to 6 am.

Such detailed information is not published by chance – the casino wants to warn everyone who might have come into contact with the sick person that they, too, may already be sick. In New Zealand, the COVID-19 transmission chain is being tracked in great detail – so much so that the responsible authorities already know who the SkyCity employee was infected from. It is reported that the virus was transmitted to him by a Fisher & Paykel worker who visited the casino on the night of August 14, from 1:15 to 3:00.

A Fisher & Paykel worker is known to last at his workplace on Thursday, August 19, ending his own night shift. In this regard, the enterprise has not yet been closed, but the authorities will take all the necessary measures to prevent the epidemic from gaining momentum. All areas of the enterprise, where an infected employee could have been, will undergo enhanced disinfection, and for some time the staff will be required to wear masks at work.

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