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BGC Promises Casino Support in Covid Conditions


According to the latest information, the Betting and Gambling Council (BGC) has made an official appeal to the UK authorities. In particular, representatives of the council said that the casino will receive support if additional restrictions related to the coronavirus will apply to this area.

In a recent press conference, BGC CEO Michael Dugher said casinos are an integral part of the nation’s business. Dulger also demanded that Westminster guarantees that the restrictive measures will be accompanied by a support package. Dugher said that casinos help regions develop, these institutions have a positive effect on the socio-economic indicators of the region. Also, the casino is part of the tourism business.

After eighteen months of full-blown restrictions, the gambling industry has begun to recover, according to the BGC executive director. After all, travel to the country was previously prohibited. Now restrictions apply to Christmas and New Year.

Although it is not yet entirely clear whether the restrictions will be related to isolation. However, health experts recommend that people avoid contact and go to public places without masks.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak expressed his displeasure that the restrictions could greatly harm entrepreneurs and large holdings. Therefore, he called for the implementation of a package of economic support for business. Recall that a similar package was implemented during the pandemic.

BGC staff stressed in a statement that the contribution of casinos to the country’s economy is very large, with about 12,000 people working in 120 establishments. They pay about $ 800 million in taxes and generate £ 1.2 billion in gross value added.

Dugher also notes that Casinos and other companies in the field of tourism and hospitality will receive adequate assistance from the state, even if restrictions related to the coronavirus are introduced. Recall that not so long ago, the Council on Betting and Gambling published a report in which it described the contribution of casinos to the social, economic, and sports success of the country.

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