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Many casino users agree with the typical position of administrations, according to which visiting establishments are aimed, first of all, not at a material gain, but as an interesting pastime. With this approach, free spins that allow you to continue the game, but at the same time not risk your money, are already a kind of win, even if you don’t win! Realizing this, and also appreciating the need to attract a new clientele by demonstrating the capabilities of the site, many brands lure the public with promises to spin the reels of popular slots for free. Sometimes they succeed — especially if they are not greedy, inheriting the GreenSpin casino free spins bonus example.

What is the essence of the gift?

The typical player wants to spin the reels long and hard, ideally without losing their own money. GreenSpin casino free spins bonus offers just such an opportunity because 350 free spins on the first two deposits sound good. It should be noted that the administration of the institution does not even limit users to any particular slot machine. When playing back, however, such liberalism is no longer observed, but we will return to this later.

As a result, the first 150 free spins are at the disposal of the user based on the results of the first replenishment of the account, if its amount has reached at least 20 euros. For the second deposit, they give 200 free spins, and with an interesting addition — within a week you can play this gift and do it without wagering! In our opinion, this is a tempting enough offer that the majority of the public buys into it without thinking about any consequences.

How to take the winnings?

Every casino starts from the principle that its entire clientele must lose more than it wins. Someone, of course, will be lucky to get a profit against the background of the complete ruin of other players, but the point is that the gambling site is not a charitable organization, and does not distribute anything to anyone just like that. If you received a gift, this does not mean that you can quickly win money, withdraw it and leave — it does not work that way, you will have to fulfill certain conditions of the office.

  • The wagering requirement is 40x. If the gifted free spins have brought a benefit to the player, he will be able to take this money, but only on the condition that he makes bets for a total amount that is forty times the amount of the gift. Since he cannot always be lucky, the player will replenish the account with a much larger amount, and it is not a fact that he will be able to save it.
  • Time for wagering — only three days. This, perhaps, is the main nuance, which explains why, in all other respects, this office still has a relatively soft policy in terms of wagering. It is simply unrealistic for many to win back a big win in such a time — you need to charge a decent amount to the institution, realizing that it, with a high degree of probability, will be lost in the coming days.
  • The office severely limits the range of entertainment involved in wagering. In addition to the typical situation, when 100% of the amount is counted only on bets on slots, and other entertainments give a coefficient of 5% at best, here the site also provided a large-scale list of exceptions — slots that are not involved in wagering. An inattentive player, having spent a huge amount, may suddenly find that he has not come close to receiving a gift at all.

In total, the gift of the administration of this casino looks quite generous and good, but we strongly recommend that you read its full rules, otherwise you can be very disappointed.

Posted by Arthur Clarke
Consulting Expert

Arthur Clarke has gained lots of experience in Gambling during his life. He evaluates casinos from the player’s perspective.

Arthur worked for different companies both on the operator side and the provider side. He knows casinos very well. Now Arthur is consulting expert who also likes to play and make gambling session streams.

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