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Any experienced online casino player knows that if a site lures you with thousands of game titles, you can safely divide this figure by at least five because most of the entertainment is duplicated with minimal differences in the interface and gameplay. There is no deception on the part of the administration, it’s just that the content is supplied by different developers and is called a little differently. And if the uniformity of many games is annoying, then a real disaster will be the situation when you start getting acquainted with unfamiliar entertainment, get involved, spend a lot of money and time, and then suddenly find out that the development has significant drawbacks.

online casino games

To prevent this from happening, the player must be able to re-evaluate the game. By doing without real money bets, he can easily get acquainted with the design and functionality, and figure out how to behave to win. Based on the results of such a preliminary decision, you can understand that this particular game is not suitable for you, or vice versa, make an informed decision that it is worth investing in it.

How to Play Famous Online Casino Games for Free

The opportunity to play for free can be provided both directly by the developer and the casino administration. In the first case, the game in demo mode is presented directly on the provider’s website. This is convenient for the company – it allows potential partners to independently evaluate how good the software is, and at the same time attracts customers and promotes its name. In some cases, the demo mode is offered by the casinos themselves, realizing that since there is no risk, any potential client will agree to try his luck, and then he, you see, will get involved and start playing for money.

Regardless of where you find a game with demo mode, run it in demo mode. The alternative option “play for money” does not suit you, because it involves placing bets for the client’s funds. Theoretically, you can get acquainted in a paid mode, but then you should at least choose a site that is ready to accept tiny bets.

Online Roulette for Free

Online Roulette

If you ask people who have never personally been to a casino, with which game they most associate such an institution, there is no doubt that the majority will name roulette. It is not possible to play in an online casino in demo mode with live dealers, but you can use the entertainment implemented on the principle of a video game. It is noteworthy that such fun usually does not have any special unique name, being called extremely simply – European Roulette, French Roulette, American Roulette.

However, the software is produced by different vendors, and it is by this principle that it should be distinguished. The digital products of NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, BGaming, Red Tiger, and other suppliers are in particular demand. If the releases are called the same but released by different companies, you should not expect a significant difference in the gameplay, but the design and RTP may differ.

Online Poker for Free

online poker

At first, poker players were the most difficult to lure into virtual casinos, because these guys were used to competing in mathematical abilities with real people and we’re not ready to compete against a computer, which, as you know, is much smarter than the average person. However, the gambling industry gradually managed to insist on its own by organizing full-fledged tournaments online, and then an alternative called video poker began to be in demand – its meaning is to play games in a virtual interface with the participation of a computer.

Although Texas Hold’em is most famous in “real” poker, virtual developments can be called anything – up to the fact that poker itself is not mentioned in the name. For this reason, a visitor who wants to find a new version of their favorite entertainment should not search for a game by name, but rather set an appropriate filter. Particular attention should be paid to developments from the well-known Habanero and the still poorly promoted Red Rake Gaming. Each of these providers offers at least a few variations of the game, and these varieties differ not only in design but also in certain rules.

Online Slots for Free

online slots

Video slots represent the most plentiful and widely represented category of entertainment in most online casinos. An avid visitor to Internet sites will be able to name dozens of offices offering guests thousands of items, and this is not an exaggeration. By the principle of the game, they can be completely different, because they exploit different game mechanics, from the most simple to quite complex, with a large number of reels, bonus games, and progressive jackpots. The range is also expanded by the use of different themes, when in fact the same game is implemented in several identical versions, but, conditionally, with the search for treasures of different ancient civilizations.

The range of slots where you can try your luck in demo mode is really impressive – there are more than ten thousand of them in total. The most well-known by all players – examples include Sweet Bonanza, Gates of Olympus, Wanted Dead or a Wild, Book of Dead, Book of Shadows. This series can be continued almost indefinitely, but if you have not tried at least one of the above, you must immediately correct the current situation.

Separately, we note that it is customary for many administrations to give free spins to popular video slots as a bonus for registration. This is another way to get acquainted with the functionality of the game without investing your own hard-earned money.

Online Craps for Free

The game of dice in its modern form appeared quite recently – the creation of its modern rules is considered an achievement of the last century. However, due to the simplicity of the gameplay and the potential for players to have fun in any convenient place, entertainment quickly gained insane popularity, and therefore predictably entered the top casino games.

On some platforms, there are no craps in principle, in others, it is implemented exclusively in the form of a game with a live dealer, which is a priori not adapted to play for free. Therefore, the variety of such games that support demo mode is minimal – inveterate searches rarely return more than ten results. But, if you are not familiar with bones at all and want to fix them, this is enough. Keep in mind that the word “creps” is not always used in the name – a more popular definition is, for example, Sic Bo. More than a third of all craps titles available without depositing your own money were released by the developer BGaming, in a duo with the little-known Dragoon Soft, these two control more than half of the dice games with a demo mode.

Online Blackjack for Free


Blackjack vaguely looks like poker – it is also a card game, and it also involves the need to collect combinations and predict which cards may be dropped by competitors. In a sense, the game of twenty-one can also be considered intellectual, but there are fewer winning combinations here, and the principle of the game is simpler and more dependent on which card will fall next, so blackjack has not gained similar insane popularity. However, in a self-respecting casino, he must be present.

Like poker, blackjack is often preferred to be played against live opponents, even when it comes to remote viewing of a video broadcast. Nevertheless, there are enough developments from leading software providers, and the total selection of games that support demo mode reaches about a hundred titles. It is difficult to single out any leader in terms of the variety of proposed game options – its rules are too simple for a change, at the same time, it is so popular that it is present in the portfolio of most developers. Most of the samples contain the word blackjack in the title, its absence is rather an exception to the rule.

Online Baccarat for Free

Baccarat is similar in principle to blackjack and very remotely poker. In fact, as in blackjack, here one must hope for a combination of cards, only to collect not twenty-one points but nine. Although one banker and one player play baccarat, almost a dozen additional users can participate in their games, placing bets on the victory of one of the parties or a draw. This game depends more on luck than on intelligence, mathematical ability, or good memory, and it is also very dynamic, which is why casino visitors like it.

However, such entertainment is in high demand when playing live, but in the version of the video interface it lags in popularity – there is a significant chance that the office can play along using the computing capabilities of the computer. Therefore, despite several different varieties of this game, not so many of its titles are available in demo mode – literally a third of a hundred. The word baccarat is always present in the title, so it’s easy to search for the right games in the search bar. Such developments are present in the portfolio of many suppliers, from well-known to start-ups.

Online Keno for Free

Keno has not yet fully taken root in the casino, and even more so in the format of video entertainment – although it was and remains one of the most popular varieties of gambling. In the original, the player receives a card with a set of numbers, and balls with numbers randomly fall out of the lottery drum (sometimes these are kegs, and the presenter blindly pulls them out of the bag). This is how most lotteries look like, which even a layman who is far from gambling has heard of. In an online casino, such entertainment can be implemented in the form of a live dealer broadcast, but there is also a video version.

Keno in video format is not found in every institution, and many developers do not consider such fun as a good option for organizing players’ leisure time. For this reason, less than fifty titles of the game are available in the demo mode, and this is even though theoretically, the rules can be varied and modified to expand the range. The word keno is usually present in the title, and Holland Power Gaming seems to be a particularly active developer, offering a whole scattering of video games of this kind.

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Arthur worked for different companies both on the operator side and the provider side. He knows casinos very well. Now Arthur is consulting expert who also likes to play and make gambling session streams.

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Know Your Limits and Play Safe

For many people, casino gaming is exciting and entertaining. Therefore, they make decisions carefully and consider how much money and time they want to spend on gambling.

Here’s how to control yourself:

  • Before you even start playing, set a loss limit and stick to it;
  • Play with low risk and always remember that everything is just a game
  • Never borrow money to play;
  • Set yourself a time limit;
  • Take regular breaks from playing;
  • Balance playing with other activities;
  • Do not play if you are under stress, depression, drugs, drunk or other problems;
  • Only play with money that you have left for your free time, but never with money that you can use to cover your fixed costs (rent, electricity, etc.).