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Booongo 777 Gems ReSpin Slot - Review, Free Spins & Bonuses

Slot info
Provider Booongo
Volatility high
Top / Max win 750
Buy Bonus Game No
RPT 97%
Main Features Multiplier
Slot info
Provider Booongo
Volatility high
Top / Max win 750
Buy Bonus Game No
RPT 97%
Main Features Multiplier
Re-spin is included even in the name of the slot and you can re-spin free of charge
It is possible to combine up to five winning combinations
The payout percentage exceeds 97%
It is impossible to win a lot of money here


777 Gems ReSpin

In recent years, it seems that software developers set the most difficult conditions for winning their developments, trying to come up with gameplay that the slot simply should not have. Whatever one may say, the task of a typical visitor of a gambling establishment is not to find an amazing storyline (you simply cannot attach it to such a simple entertainment), but to try your luck. Ideally, of course, luck should smile, but even then most players would prefer to independently understand how the combination worked, without the need for additional tips.

If you are one of those players who believe that simplicity and clear rules only improve a slot machine, then 777 Gems Respin is an ideal choice. At the very least, this is an excellent solution for a person who visits an online casino for the first time, because the client will not have any difficulties learning the rules.

Pros and Cons

The widest range of modern online casinos is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Why a plus is understandable – not a single player can replay absolutely everything, you can always find an unfamiliar video slot, which means that the game does not get boring. The disadvantage is that it is not easy for the player to choose a new entertainment for himself when the old one is already tired – there is simply no time and bankroll reserve to persistently and thoughtfully try several options, you want to hit the mark on the first attempt.

We do not recommend trying all slots in a row – instead, it is much wiser to listen to the advice of other players. They, in particular, have already rated the 777 Gems Respin, released at the end of 2019, and have left numerous opinions on whether it is worth looking at. After reading the reviews, you will initially understand whether you need it or not. In order not to waste time searching the forums, we are ready to present you the three most common reasons why this video slot is praised:

  • re-spin is included even in the name of the slot – some combinations are not winning by themselves, but give the right to re-spin free of charge with fixing the result that has already been achieved;
  • the administration is not greedy – even though the combinations themselves may not turn out to be too generous, they combine, therefore, in fact of one spin, it is possible to combine up to five winning combinations;
  • the payout percentage exceeds 97%, and the level of volatility here is not above average – that is, no one promises that you will gain profit, but a relatively small bankroll is enough to spin the reels for a long time.

On the other hand, the 777 Gems Respin has only one drawback – it is impossible to win a lot of money here. The maximum multiplier is only 750x – those who like to dream of great victories will say that they are not inspired by this.

Theme and Graphics

Nowadays, the online entertainment market is full of “thematic” slots, the difference between which lies not so much in the principle of the rules of the game but in the design of the symbols. The 777 Gems Respin developers logically assumed that there is not a single narrow-profile topic that absolutely everyone would like, so they decided not to bother with it. This video slot simply does not have any specific theme, instead, it uses a purple-purple background.

777 Gems Respin Slot

The symbols are also extremely simple – from the cheapest in the form of black X and multi-coloured gems (for better differentiation, they also have different shapes, depending on the colour) to BAR gold bars, bells, and triple sevens. For the sake of simplifying the rules as much as possible, the supplier refused from scatters and wild symbols – they simply are not here.

777 Gems ReSpin RTP

No one doubts that gambling developers do not do their job for free – they want to get a percentage of the client’s bankroll for creating slots. For this reason, it is difficult to beat the system, but Booongo demonstrates surprising modesty in the case of 777 Gems Respin. The supplier, together with the gambling platform, takes only 2.7% of the bet money, paying back 97.3% of the amount. This is a lot – even without hitting the jackpot, you will play for a long time, even without having a solid supply of money, but replenishing it with winnings!

The latter is all the more likely, given the average variance of the video slot. This means that here you don’t have to count on a win that can make a player a millionaire, but everyone wins often, albeit a little. We will not give specific advice on how many spins to divide the bankroll into to stay afloat, but in principle, at least once every 20-30 spins, there must be some kind of reward.

How to Win 777 Gems ReSpin?

The playing field in 777 Gems Respin looks as simple as possible: symbols appear on three reels in three rows. The player’s task is to collect a line of three identical symbols; more just won’t work, given the size of the field three by three. A winning line is considered to be horizontal or diagonal, vertical (three symbols on one reel) does not bring any win. Although combinations of more than three identical symbols cannot be collected, the game allows you to throw several lines at once – for example, one horizontal and one diagonal, or two horizontal. If the entire field is filled with the same symbols, the player is awarded five winning combinations – three horizontally and two diagonally.

The size of the benefit for each collected line depends on the value of the symbols it consists of.

777 Gems Respin Slot Machine

Special Features of 777 Gems Respin

You shouldn’t expect any special opportunities from 777 Gems Respin – this is a classic video slot in the best traditions of the older generation, so the developers didn’t bother with complicated rules and additional winning chances. However, it was no longer possible to do without this in 2019, when entertainment appeared, otherwise it would not have been possible to win the competition, because the supplier nevertheless came up with something.

The point is this: there are four different types of gems in the game, and a winning line is formed only if it consists of the same stones. Moreover, all stones (and combinations made up of them) are equivalent. If the playing field is filled with only gems, even if they do not form a single line, the player will receive a reward in the form of 50x of the bet as if he did collect two combinations!

777 Gems ReSpin Free Spins and Bonuses

777 Gems Respin does not have free spins in the fullest sense of the word – there is not a single way to make all three reels spin. It is not without reason that the name of the video slot contains the word “respin” – it gives hope that at least a repeated free spin is possible under certain conditions. Let’s look at exactly what requirements must be met to receive such an award.

The respin is triggered when the player lands six identical symbols, evenly distributed over two adjacent reels. In other words, anyone symbol of the same kind would give at least two winning combinations (horizontal and diagonal), but instead, you have two vertical lines – and they do nothing! Therefore, two reels with vertical lines freeze in their current position, and the third reel spins separately from them, making one free spin. Perhaps the line will never be completed, but you must admit that this is an additional opportunity to win.

Overall Review

We do not even doubt that many players spoiled by modern complex slots will get bored at the sight of 777 Gems Respin with its extremely simple gameplay. However, this video slot, in our opinion, just captivates with its simplicity – it is artless, and therefore it seems more honest to the player. This impression is only further enhanced by the high payout percentage and medium variance. If your goal is not to fuel your imagination but simply to play with the prospect of getting a win, then this is the slot machine you need!

What is the RTP of 777 Gems Respin?

The payout percentage is one of the biggest strengths of 777 Gems Respin – the developer has focused on a decent return of 97.3% to offset possible criticism for the over simplicity of the gameplay. In addition, the supplier has adequately treated the variance, so the user can count on relatively frequent, albeit not too large, wins. Here, the user will not have the feeling that he spent money quickly and without any sense.

What is the biggest win available on 777 Gems Respin?

The maximum jackpot of 777 Gems Respin is only 750x your bet. This, of course, is also a great success, but most modern video slots with complex rules and a huge number of nuances in combinations are not so strictly limited by the multiplier. The low maximum multiplier, in this case, is a natural price to pay for the simplicity of the gameplay and the average variance.

How volatile is 777 Gems Respin?

Experts estimate the volatility of the 777 Gems Respin slot as average. Such a video slot will certainly appeal to those who do not believe in the possibility of one day hitting a five-, six- or seven-figure sum but prefer to receive small payments regularly. For people with a relatively small bankroll, this is convenient – with high volatility, they would risk never waiting for their winnings, and so there is a chance to maximize the pleasure of the game.

Is there a free spins bonus in 777 Gems Respin?

The nuance of 777 Gems Respin is that there are no full-fledged free spins here. Instead, the concept of re-spin is used – a one-time free spin, affecting only one reel, while all the others do not move. It is not hard to guess that this option is used when you stop one step away from collecting a winning combination. In this slot machine, the respin is triggered if six identical symbols appear in the form of two vertical (no-win) lines adjacent to each other.

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