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Habanero Penetrates The Heart Of Africa

Habanero betway

The developer Habanero is well known to experienced gamblers, but it is difficult to call him the unequivocal world market leader or software supplier, with whose creations absolutely everyone is familiar. The relatively small public coverage of the company, in particular, was observed until recently in Africa. Now the company is thinking that something needs to be changed in this situation – this is how the cooperation with Betway online casino was born. Thanks to the signed document, players from Ghana will have access to the provider’s top entertainment. To do this, you don’t even need to download special applications – the site uses HTML5 technology so that you can use all the features from any smartphone, right in the browser.

Betway has been present on the African market for a long time and reliably: in all major countries where the gambling industry is developed, and this is South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda, the brand has earned recognition and respect. However, the time has come to expand, and now the management of the company turned their attention to Ghana, which is the second-largest gambling market in the western part of the continent. The administration of the giant believed that the best entertainment from Habanero will help to find contact with local gamblers.

Habanero is also pleased with the deal: lately, the studio has been intensively developing its penetration into various countries, and African Ghana will be an excellent addition to the “collection.” The brand said it considers Africa one of the most promising markets, hinting that a significant percentage of locals are still unfamiliar with online gambling.

In a short period, the presence of Habanero on gambling sites has grown significantly. Thus, new beneficial agreements have been concluded in Spain, Colombia, Mexico, Lithuania, Argentina, and Paraguay.

Posted by Stephen Tate
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