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Crown Melbourne Punished

Crown Melbourne Punished

According to the latest information, Crown Melbourne has been punished for breaking certain rules. The regulator fined the company $ 1 million in Australia. In particular, the Gambling Regulatory Commission protested against Crown Resorts, a local casino. Despite repeated warnings, the casino was never able to break the agreement with the illegal bar operator.

As a reminder, this operator was convicted of crimes related to gambling. It happened in 2014 in the United States. In this regard, the commission asked Crown Melbourne to sever business relations with the violators.

In 2016, the company continued to work with an operator who organized tours. At the same time, the casino was presented with a line of credit in the amount of twenty million New Zealand dollars. At the same time, American law enforcement agencies detained the operator.

Commission officials said Crown should end its relationship with the operator. The regulator also warned that if this request is ignored, then the company will be imposed a large fine. After that, the company fully reported to the commission and told everything about the current affairs with the operator who violated the law. Then the commission imposed an acceptable fine.

According to the chairman of the commission, the size of the fine reflected the seriousness of this issue. This was because the company did not fulfill the requirements of the commission and did not terminate cooperation with the operator. The commission now expects other companies to comply with regulatory and regulatory requirements. Otherwise, strict demands will be made against those who ignore requests and do not obey instructions.

Recall that the country has a special law on casinos and gambling. Local authorities after this event increased the fine several times.

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