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Blackstone Makes a Lucrative Offer And Gains Access to Accounts

Crown Australia

According to the latest data, Blackstone recently made a lucrative $ 8.5 billion takeover bid for Australia. This allowed her to access Crown Resorts accounts. It is worth noting that the casino’s offer was voluntary and optional.

In turn, representatives of Crown Resorts said that they would allow the US company to do the following: buyouts, obtaining private data to check the business system, and other transactions with accounts. However, the last proposal did not inspire confidence and interest in the management.

Experts believe it is time for Blackstone to make a valuable Crown Resorts offer that will interest its bosses. In the end, Blackstone offered $ 12 and a half per share for Crown Resorts. Before that, the offer included a different amount – 11.85 Australian dollars. Crown Resorts also felt that AU $ 12.35 per share was an unacceptable offer.

Thus, the management of Crown Resorts turned down Blackstone offers – 11.85 and 12.35 Australian dollars per share. The largest shareholder in Crown Resorts is billionaire James Packer. Not so long ago, he underwent unexpected scrutiny about regular bets. However, this did not scare off-market participants and fans. The operator of the casino Star Entertainment Group did not even succumb to provocations. This means that Crown Resorts maintains its casino monopoly in several cities in Australia.

As a reminder, there has been a lot of speculation around Crown Resorts lately. But the organization survived. After another investigation, the authorities gave the casino two years to eliminate the violations. The fact is that Crown Resorts regularly used some players in its schemes, underpaid taxes, and turned a blind eye to illegal money laundering. However, it has been suggested that this organization is not suitable for running a new casino in Sydney.

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