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Betway Signed an Agreement with Yggdrasil


There is no doubt that Yggdrasil is highly regarded in the iGaming world. To date, a large number of games from this developer have been released. The company has now agreed with the international brand Betway. According to the partnership agreement, the audience will increase several times due to interesting content. In Europe and the US, Yggdrasil games will be sold, and Betway has already secured a profitable presence there.

Although the deal will include more than just Yggdrasil games. The company has announced that all content, including the brand’s Masters programs, will be directed to Betway. This program is a development initiative that allows other studios to participate in the process, using various tools to develop their own games.

Experts believe that Yggdrasil and Betway have entered into a mutually beneficial contract, this is an excellent agreement between the parties. In this regard, the operator will be able to provide players with better content.

Betway spokesman Paul Adkins said he was very worried about adding Yggdrasil content to a dedicated platform. He also noted that this studio is known for developing exceptional products.

Paul Adkins explained that all agreements will be fulfilled, the developer has his own plan, tools, and functions from the iGaming world. All new details will be included in the deal. This means that the parties will actively develop corporate relations.

Popular brand

Andrew Pegler, Yggdrasil Commercial Operations Specialist, shared his thoughts. In particular, he noted that he was very pleased with this deal. The brand is well recognized in the market. This will provide access to a variety of regulated markets.

Andrew Pegler’s company is now experiencing an amazing moment, it is expanding. This means that the company is probing new markets for development. In addition to the expansion, the organization will focus on strengthening business strategies across the world.

It is not yet clear how successful the corporate deal will be. However, it is now safe to say that gambling players will have access to huge lists of quality games in regulated regions.

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