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Any casino operates on the principle that you first deposit money, and only then, MAYBE, they will return to you with a profit. For this reason, the opportunity to play for free is perceived by the clientele of establishments as a kind of win, especially since you can also win real money on free spins. The administrations, realizing that inveterate players like not only the result but also the process itself, are ready to play along with their desires and even offer especially favorable conditions for new players to lure them away from competitors. How it works, let’s look at the Lucky Thrillz casino free spins bonus as an example.

How to get?

Lucky Thrillz casino free spins bonus is part of the welcome bonus, which also includes a deposit bonus, but it has nothing to do with the topic of this article, so we will omit it. The first requirement for a contender for a gift is registration on the office’s website, performed for the FIRST TIME. This means that a user who already owns an account in the system cannot register again in the hope of receiving a reward. There is no way to circumvent this rule — neither by registering on behalf of another person nor even with his direct consent. Be sure: at a crucial moment, the office will want to check the player’s documents, and if it turns out that the personal data does not match the passport data, you can forget about the withdrawal of funds.
In total, the player receives up to a hundred free spins, but they are not given immediately — the gift is divided into three parts, awarded after the first three deposits, respectively. The requirements for the minimum deposit amount are different — if the first deposit can start from a value of 10 dollars, pounds, or euros (the player chooses the currency himself), then for the second and third gifts you will have to fork out for twenty. Free spins are divided between games as twenty, forty, and forty.

What restrictions apply?

Casinos exist because they earn on the gambling feelings of their customers, paying out only a fraction of what visitors bet. There is no real bet in free spins, but the client claims to withdraw the winnings — what is the benefit here? The office will potentially get a new player, but still, it will quickly go bankrupt if it does not come up with additional mechanisms to contain winnings. How they work, we will consider in the theses.

  • Free spins are valid exactly one day from the date of issue. It is not difficult to unscrew them during this time, but an inattentive user, not having read the rules in advance, may miss this moment and miss the gift. Complaints about the ignorance of the rules by the administration are not accepted.
  • Winnings from free spins are subject to a 50x wagering requirement. If you managed to win $10, it means that you should bet a total of five hundred dollars, otherwise you will not be allowed to withdraw your winnings. Potentially, these bets can also bring the user into a plus, but the chance for a final minus of the balance is even more significant.
  • Three weeks are given for wagering — this requires the user to intensively invest money into the game account from their reserves. In addition, the bet counts towards wagering with a coefficient of 100% of the amount only for slots, while other entertainments either do not participate at all or give an overly modest coefficient, practically not being counted.

In total, this bonus should not be considered in the context of a potential win, but as a good opportunity to play without risking your pocket.

Posted by Ronald Curry
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He worked in the divisions of ePayments. He has an excellent knowledge of the topic of currency transactions and gambling mechanisms.

Sees the future of casino payment systems in the crypto industry. He worked in the team developing cryptocurrencies and bringing them to ICO. The excellent strategic vision of gambling topics and various payment methods.

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